Shellac Flakes
Machine Made Shellac has a balanced composition, purity and longer shelf life. It is made from the female lac bug which is found on the bark of the trees. Shellac is used for giving a final finishing to the wood.
Industrial Shellac
Industrial Shellac is used in food glazing, wood finishing, polishing candies or pills and various other purposes. It is comprised of a balanced composition, non toxic nature, longer shelf life, smooth texture and so on.
Bleached Shellac
Dewaxed Bleached Shellac is best suitable for printing inks, confectionery, pharmaceutical industry, paper varnishes, hair lacquers and many other. It is known for its gloss, adhesive, fast drying and longer shelf life.
Waxed Shellac
Waxed Shellac is a bioadhesive polymer widely used in different industries from to create an excellent barrier against water vapour penetration. It is an effective sealant for controlling odours associated with damage caused by fire.

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